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Statement of the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum on the formation of civil society platforms in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

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The Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum made a statement on the formation of Civil Society Platforms (CSPs) in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. They welcome the efforts of the Ukrainian Side of the EU-Ukraine CSP to facilitate the full establishment of the bilateral EU-Ukraine CSP, and approve the consistent efforts of the European Economic and Social Committee in making to establish the bilateral EU-Ukraine CSP in the nearest future.

While the EESC has proposed a list of its 9 representatives, the EaP CSF is delegating 3 legitimate and democratically appointed representatives to the EU side of the CSP to complete the formation and to launch the bilateral EU-Ukraine CSP as soon as possible.

The Steering Committee believes that, in order to ensure the widest representation of Civil Society and the legitimacy of the CSPs, the AA CSPs in the three countries should, on the EU side, include representatives from the EaP CSF and, on the national side, be mainly constituted of EaP CSF representatives.

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