Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Project "Strengthening Capacities National Platforms of EaP CSF": assessing the 6 months of work

The following activities have been conducted in the first six months of the project implementation (for project description see here).

What concerns regional activities, the methodology for the monitoring of the EaP Roadmap has been developed by PASOS with the aim of demonstrating independent, empirical-based, expert evaluation and at the same time formulate clear, concise conclusions and recommendations. The project partners in the EaP countries have started creating research teams to collect data and write reports based on the proposed methodology in their countries.

On the country level, the following actions took place:

Armenian National Platform (NP) is getting ready for the launching of the NP website and making the newly-established Secretariat of the NP operational. The NP organised the conference of the NP was organised in Yerevan on 27 May 2013 gathering over 60 participants.

Azerbaijani National Platform produced policy paper on advantages of Azerbaijan's accession to the WTO and on promoting policy convergence in priority areas to support European Integration. The website of the NP has been redesigned and an online portal to promote information sharing introduced.

Belarusian National Platform held two round tables "Development of social partnership. Legal framework and restraining limits" and "Perspectives of media sphere reformation. What can be done by the journalistic community?" on 18 April and 3 May respectively. A conference "Between Eastern Partnership and European Dialogue on Modernization" was held on 1 June in Minsk and the work on a website of the NP commenced.

Georgian National Platform elaborated a detailed work plan for 2013 and produced a brochure on Eastern Partnership, European Neighbourhood Policy, Association Agreement Social Dialogue and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement. Furthermore a workshop on the protection of cultural heritage and a training on "How to monitor EU budget support and budgetary expenses in various sectors" was organised.

In the Republic of Moldova a brochure on EaP was produced and three seminars on EaP were conducted. Furthermore information on the project activities was broadcasted three times on National Radio and two shows of 45 minutes were shown on "Vocea Basarabiei".

In Ukraine, the Secretariat of the NP was established and the concept of the website of the NP developed. Furthermore, a press conference and a round table ahead of the EU-Ukraine Summit in February were held.

The full progress report is available here.

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