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Assessment of Ukraine's progress in adoption of EU environmental standards presented in Brussels

A panel discussion "Environmental challenges of the European Integration: How Ukraine and other EaP countries are adopting EU environmental standards" was jointly organised in Brussels on 11 June by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum's WG3, the Resource and Analysis Center "Society and Environment" and the Ukrainian National Environmental NGO "MAMA-86" with support from the International Renaissance Foundation.

The discussion was moderated by Viorel Ursu, senior policy analyst from the Open Society European Policy Institute. The panel included Anna Golubovska-Onisimova, the coordinator of WG3 of the EaP CSF, Zoriana Mishchuk and Nataliya Andrusevych from the organisers and Andrzej Januszewski from DG Environment.

The experts presented "The Assessment of the Environmental Component of the EU-Ukraine Bilateral Cooperation" to the audience. According to the assessment, the measured progress within the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda is 49,7 percent, while the measured progress concerning the EaP Roadmap is 79 percent. The main conclusions are that environment is not a priority area for Ukraine and a comprehensive approach in the sphere is missing. While NGOs active in the field face difficulties in accessing information, they also need to overcome the sectoral approach in order to achieve real progress. The discussion also touched upon the impact of the Association Agreement on the environmental sector, which – if signed – would give the EU a good leverage in the area of environmental standards and avoid “cherry-picking” by the Ukrainian side.

The presentation of Anna Golubovska Onisimova

The Executive Summary of the assessment (in English)

The complete Assessment of the Environmental Component of the EU-Ukraine Bilateral Cooperation (in Ukrainian)

Towards Good Environmental Governance in the EaP Countries (comprehensive report from 2011)

Additional pictures of the event

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