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NGO experts developed a package of amendments to the Social Policy of Ukraine

Experts of the All-Ukrainian charitable foundation "The Coalition of HIV-Service Organizations" and the Center for Policy Research of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine developed a package of amendments to the existing legislation in the field of social services.

The comprehensive package of proposals for legislative changes was developed based on the suggestions of non-governmental and charitable organizations during a series of meetings and events held by Coordination Expert Council at the Center for Advanced Social Research from December 2012 up to June 2013.

The coordinator of social dialogue platform Rostyslav Dzundza stated: "A wide range of social service organizations were involved into the development of the package: representatives of national NGOs and think tanks, experts from other ministries and agencies as well as international experts and consultants. The draft amendments to the current legislation to reform the system of social services would help solve the problems that hinder effective social development, improve of well-being, overcome social injustice and social exclusion in Ukrainian society".

The main purpose of these meetings was development of NGOs’ common vision of reforming the social services system by 2016. Thus, a common vision of non-profit social service providers on the development of social services was developed "de facto" and framed "de jure" in the legislative proposal.


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