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Ukrainian protests are peaceful, despite the provocation cases


Addressing the journalists in the EU and worldwide, International media NGO “Internews Ukraine” calls on to disseminate the two messages concerning the peaceful protests in Kyiv: 'First, Ukrainian protests are peaceful. Second, the regime is cruel to its citizens and to the journalists'.

'Some of you might have watched videos about yesterday’s violence near the Presidential administration in Kyiv', an appeal says. 'One thing should be made clear: this violence is NOT the essence of the Ukrainian protests. It was a result of a special operation aimed at provoking violence on both sides of the confrontation'.

'The key idea of these provocations is to discredit the peaceful character of the Ukrainian protests, and to create an aggressive image of the will of the people. Some radicals can naively join them. But they do not represent even a tiny part in the Ukrainian protests', the announcement says. 

Hundreds of thousands people who took on streets on December 1st, were peaceful. They want the change of the regime but they don’t want blood. They want a free Ukraine, a non-violent European state respecting the rule of law and the fundamental freedoms. The huge manifestation was provoked by forceful disperse of peaceful pro-EU protesters by riot police early in the morning of November 30 in Kyiv.

The regime, however, is cruel. During the events on December 1st and November 30th it has attacked journalists. At least 40 journalists, including from the international media such as Reuters, Euronews, etc. have suffered from police assault (more information in Ukrainian is available here: These brutal acts are against the international law and conventions protecting freedom of speech.

'Your support is highly needed and valuable', an announcement concludes.  'Together we should stay firm and stop violence' - says the team of Internews Ukraine, an International Kyiv-based NGO.

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