Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Working Group 5 meets in Brussels: social and economic policies on agenda of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Over 30 participants from six Eastern Partnership countries and EU took part in the working group meeting concerning social and labour policies and social dialogue. Working Group 5 of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is working tightly with the European Economic and Social Committee on raising awareness about the social dialogue and its implementation in the EU countries and establishing a structured dialogue on the issues of labour markets, social rights and social and economic issues pertinent to the EaP countries.

Among external speakers were Mr. Alain Pelce, Senior Specialist on International Labour Standards, ILO, Mrs Madlen Serban, Director of the European Training Foundation, as well as interventions from Mrs Kristina Krupaviciene, Secretary General of the Lithuanian Trade Union "Solidarumas", an expert in social dialogue and adult’s education.

The participants exchanged the views on the status of the social policies in the EaP countries, voicing many concerns in the areas of corporate social responsibility, social policies towards vulnerable populations, such as veterans and invalids and issues of social inclusion and their participation in the labour force. A separate discussion was devoted to the role of trade unions in the EaP countries.

In the session on the strategy discussion of the WG 5 priorities, many participants mentioned the need to monitor and review the legislation in their countries, as well as provide recommendations on insuring its approximation to the promotion of European norms and International Standards as defined by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the European Social Charter and the International Labour Organisation. 


Photos from the meeting

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