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Successful Opening Conference of the Eastern Partnership Youth Regional Unit in Kyiv, 20-21 June


The recently initiated EU financed Eastern Partnership Youth Regional Unit (EPYRU) held its opening conference in Kyiv on 20th-21st June, which brought together over sixty delegates from the countries of the Eastern Partnership, including representatives of governments, statistical and research institutions and youth-oriented NGOs.

The Conference was dedicated to the Unit’s three key youth policy objectives: evidence-based policy, a cross-sectoral approach and youth participation.

The Conference’s three keynote speakers, Ms. Ewa Krzaklewska, Mr. Behrooz Motamed-Afshari, and Ms. Yarina Borenko, noted the diverse structures and conditions in each country, but also the significant progress which had been made in recent years and the general commitment to cooperation and sharing of experience, auguring well for the objectives of the project. The keynote speaker presentations preceded the key event of the Conference, in which delegates participated in three “Round Table” discussions, each dedicated to one of the Unit objectives.

 The EPYRU, which is based in Kyiv, is designed to support the development of youth policy in the Eastern Partnership countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, on both a national and a regional basis, specifically in the areas of evidence-based research, integrated approaches by government, and dialogue between government and civil society. Its actions will include capacity building, training, study tours, publications and information collection and dissemination, targeted at key youth policy stakeholders in both government and civil society.

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