Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Network of Youth think-tanks of Eastern Partnership founded at meeting in Baku

A Forum concerning the establishment of think tanks network of youth represented in the Eastern Partnership countries was organised in Baku in May by the "Democratic Reformers Youth" Public Union and supported by the Youth Foundation under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Welcoming the guests, the head of the Youth Union of Democratic reformers Vusala Huseynli said that the purpose of creation of a Forum is to build a think-tank-network of youth of EaP countries and thereby ensuring cooperation between them and “[a]t the same time, to ensure integration of Azerbaijani youth think thanks to Europe”. The main purpose of the Forum are to raise the recognition of youth think-tanks in Europe, to support the development of think tanks and to provide meditation centres of Azerbaijani youth to have a voice in international projects. V. Huseynli said that, despite the fact that the network was initially founded by seven countries, now more than 14 think-tanks of youth of the Eastern Partnership countries have joined: “Expanding this network we intend to cover the other think-tanks of youth of Eastern Partnership countries”.

After emphasizing the importance of the event, the Polish Ambassador Michael Labenda stated that this network was established in the right time and noted that this network will ensure participation of youth in the European Neighbourhood Policy and activity in the Eastern Partnership. The ambassador mentioned that Poland will provide the necessary support for its work and the Embassy is supporting the youth. The advisors of the ambassadors from the European Union, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Austria, wished good luck to the participants during their interventions at the event.

The seven organisations acting as co-founders of the Forum are: "European alternative" Nicholo Milanese, "International Young Professionals Fund" - Rosen Dimov, "European Dialogue" - Yarina Borenko, "The European Network of think tanks" Andrea Gerosa, "Czech Association of International Relations," Vladka Votavova, Economic and Social Research Center of the Caucasus (Georgia) Temur Tordinava, Marshall Fund of the Bureau of Turkey Özgür Unluhisarchakli. In additon to this seven organisations from Azerbaijan will be part of the Forum.

Every year the Forum will be held in each Eastern Partnership country and it was decided to hold next Forum in Warsaw, Poland in 2014.

Pictures of the event are available here.

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