Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Working Group 1

Selected projects:

1. "Joining Efforts and Skills to Confront Propaganda" Yerevan Press Club (lead partner), Union of Journalists Yeni NesilBelarusian Association of Journalists, the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics, Independent Journalism Center, MEMO 98, and Internews-Ukraine

  • Aim: to enhance the capacity of national media, civil societies and public entities to counter propaganda by monitoring Russian media and how its messages are distributed and perceived in the EaP countries and beyond
  • Outputs: monitoring results will be presented in a comprehensive report comprising the relevant findings and concrete recommendations on how to counter Russian propaganda

2. "From Inclusion to Participation in Decision-making" Unison NGO (lead partner), Coalition for Independent Living, Union of organizations of people with limited abilities of the Republic of Moldova

  • Aim: to foster the rights of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Armenia, Georgia as well as Moldova and to increase their participation in decision-making processes in their countries
  • Outputs: human rights education and training for civil society organisations and decision makers as well as presentation of the Index of Participation research results together with the relevant recommendations to key stakeholders

3. "Security Alert on EU's Eastern Doorsteps" Caucasus Institute for Peace (lead partner), Democracy and Development, Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation, Foreign Policy Association

4. "Consolidating the Efforts of the Civil Society Organisations in Fighting the Political Corruption" Promo-LEX Association (lead partner), All-Ukrainian NGO “Committee of voters of Ukraine, International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

  • Aim: to consolidate the efforts of civil society organizations in fighting political corruption in the EaP countries by strengthening their capacity to monitor political parties and election campaigns
  • Outputs: a comparative analysis about the potential of the current laws on elections and political parties to fight political corruption; each of the partner organizations will organize a workshop, a presentation and a discussion on recommendations in their reports

5. "Developing a Single Strategy on Gender Equality Issues of the EaP CSF" Public association “Belarusian Organization of Working Women" (lead partner), Women’s Political Resource Centre, Bureau of gender strategy and budgeting

  • Aim: to develop a single strategy on gender equality issues of the EaP CSF by raising issues of gender equality and producing gender policy papers within National Platforms framework in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine
  • Outputs: creating a network of women organizations interested in addressing gender issues at the EaP CSF National Platforms (NP) and WG1; a policy paper for the next EaP CSF Annual Assembly

6. "Update on Public Administration and Local Governments Reform in EaP" ALDA (lead partner), Community Finances Officers, Centre for Support for Economic Initiatives, Lev Sapieha Foundation, Centre for Strategic Research and Development for Georgia, Institute for Urban Development of Moldova, CCC Creative Centre

  • Aim: to improve the functioning of public administrations and decentralization of decision making by examining the recent developments on public administration reform and local government decentralization in each EaP country and by elaborating recommendations for national and EU policy-makers
  • Outputs: completion of a country-level analysis of public administration reforms in the EaP countries, with the input of local and international experts in the domain of public administration reforms, an EU-level research on public administration and decentralisation in the ENPI policies and other EU instruments

Project funded by the European UnionEU