Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Working Group 3

Selected projects:

1. "Implementation of Waste Management Policies in EaP Countries According to the Association Agreement" National Environmental Center (lead partner)Inernational Business and Economic Development Center, NGO “Good deeds”

  • Aim: to raise awareness about the Association Agreements’ (AA) requirements on waste management and to inform the public about the benefits of their implementation.
  • Outputs: the project partners will develop a survey to evaluate the situation in the field of waste management and organise info days to discuss waste management issues with the relevant stakeholders. The Moldovan partners will organise open day, with municipal enterprise of Chisinau for journalists and civic activists in order to see how waste is collected and what happens to separately collected fractions of waste. Also, a report for policy-makers on the gaps in the AA implementation on waste management and material for the public about waste management in multifamily buildings will be composed. 

2. "Promotion of Paludiculture in Black Sea Region Wetlands for Carbon Sequestration, Sustainable Development and Community-Based Renewable Energy" Environment People Law (lead partner), NGO Agricola, Cross-border Cooperation and European Integration Agency (ACTIE), Caucasus Green Area Union 

  • Aim: is to promote the role of paludiculture (sustainable peatland utilization) as a means of reducing carbon emissions, supporting sustainable development, and generating community-based renewable energy in the Black Sea region.
  • Outputs: the project partners will carry out three case studies. After visiting each of the study sites, the project team will organise workshops with key stakeholders in Odessa and Batumi to share their findings. The project partners will also participate in the paludiculture sessions at ECOSUMMIT 2016, in Montpellier, France. 

3. "Mapping the Route for EaP Countries and the EU Cooperation within the Energy Union" Center for Global Studies Strategy XXI (lead partner), World Experience for Georgia, NGO "ECOS", the Center for Environmental Solutions, EcoTeam, Center for Economic and Social Development

  • Aim: to map mid-term perspectives for cooperation between EaP countries in line with the Energy Union, and within the framework of the respective countries’ foreign policy agendas.
  • Outputs: six updated country-specific papers on the scope of cooperation between EaP countries in the area of energy governance. Research will integrate the changes which took place in 2015 in the Energy Union and in the relations between EaP countries. A workshop in Brussels, preferably as a side-event to the Platform 3 Energy Security meeting.


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