Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Working Group 2

Selected projects:

1. "Empowered Women for Social Integration" Martuni Women’s Community Council (lead partner), Migrant Families NGO, Office for European Expertise and Communications

  • Aim: to introduce the culture of entrepreneurship among women in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus, by providing them with basic skills in business-thinking.
  • Outputs: the recruitment and training of 10-15 women from each country through the organisation of an introductory workshop in each country to assess the participants’ expectations and business skills. The participants will be invited to submit their entrepreneurial ideas, two of which will be selected to receive a small financial grant. 

2. "EaP - Information Society Instead of War" Centre for Economic Development and Public Affairs (lead partner), European Business Association (EBA), Belarusian Documentation Centre

  • Aim: to formulate a policy proposal on engagement of EaP countries in the Malmo Declaration on Electronic Governance.
  • Outputs: preparation recommendations on harmonisation of digital markets leading to the development of roadmap agreements on the organisation of cross-border electronic interaction and a policy paper on the strategy for "Eastern Partnership: information society instead of war".

3. "Small Business Act for Europe and DCFTA of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine Using Experience of Latvia Overcoming Economic Crisis" Small Business Association of Moldova (lead partner), ,, 

  • Aim: to facilitate economic development of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine by defining roadmap solutions for economic reforms based on the Small Business Act (SBA) implementation in EU countries and Latvian experience during the crisis in order to fully benefit from DCFTA.
  • Outputs: based on a visit to Latvia, the project participants will assess the DCFTAs and the SBA implementation in their countries, producing three country reports. Subsequently, a consolidated report setting forward policy recommendations will be composed. The final report at the EaP CSF Annual Assembly in November 2016.

4. "DCFTAs’ Enshrined Geographic Indications (GIs) for Non-Wine Food Products: a Boost for Partnerships’ Based Rural Development in EaP" , Kakheti Regional Development Foundation,International Charitable Organisation “Information Center “Green Dossier”, NGO Ecohome

  • Aim: to simplify the Geographical Indications (GI) registration process for food products in the three Association Agreement countries in order to benefit rural communities
  • Outputs: an analysis of the existing regulatory and institutional bottlenecks in GIs for food products, practical recommendations for better regulatory frameworks. Also, a Green Book “Best tested & on-hand solutions on GIs for MD & UA & GE; Lessons learnt and ways to improve? What role for NGOs and CSOs?” will be published.


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