Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Working Group 5

Selected projects:

1. "Advanced Reforms, Advanced Civil Society" Armavir Development Center , Bureau of Social and Political Developments,

  • Aim:  to contribute to decentralization of social service system in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine and the effectiveness of service delegation laws.
  • Outputs: monitoring of decentralized services of the Ministries of Social Affairs and social services providers; a two-day workshop for CSO representatives to raise awareness about the current situation of delegated social services; a focus-group will with the CSOs working in social sector and/or providing social services and stakeholders to better understand their perspective; a comprehensive report will be composed. 

2. "Vulnerable Employment in Machinery in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine: Setting a Common Policy Agenda" Belarusian Congress Of Democratic Trade Unions Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine, Labour Institute,

  • Aim: to describe the vulnerabilities of the regional machinery sector to external shocks and to propose policy mechanisms to support employment in that sector.
  • Outputs: an analytical report on the situation in machinery sector, its major issues and prospects; three policy papers containing policy solutions to offset external shocks in the machinery sector; a common Road map on harmonization of national legislations on machinery with EU norms.

Project funded by the European UnionEU